Choosing An AC When You Don't Have Ductwork


Many homes, mainly older homes, do not have the ductwork capable of supporting central AC. There are several advantages and disadvantages of choosing alternative ACs and you might want to use a combination of them, depending on your home. Ductless Mini-Split A ductless mini-split is probably the most extensive AC you can have for a home without ductwork. Similar to central AC, a mini-split has an indoor and outdoor unit. You only need a small hole in the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

28 March 2023

3 Myths About Heating Services


What are the top heating services myths? Whether you're a new homeowner or just want to learn more about this crucial comfort system, take a look at the facts and fiction of HVAC use, repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Myth: You Can Fix Your Own Heater There is a reason why HVAC contractors exist. Home heating systems are complex appliances that require in-depth knowledge and experience to inspect, diagnose, and repair. This means a do-it-yourself or DIY approach isn't the best choice for most homeowners.

6 March 2023

2 Benefits Of Installing A Mini-Split AC System In Your Older Home


If you live in an older house that does not currently have central air conditioning, you may be thinking about having it installed. However, because of the age of the home and structural issues, you may have been told that a conventional system will not work, leaving you to believe that you will have to rely on expensive window units. However, instead of settling for window units, you may want to consider another option.

10 February 2023

5 Key AC Components That Break Down And Require Professional Air Conditioning Repair


As the weather heats up, people rely on air conditioners to keep them cool. Unfortunately, air conditioning units can break down and require professional repair. Knowing which components are essential for effective cooling and require professional servicing can help you understand how your AC system functions and when it needs attention from a specialist. This article will discuss five of the key components that may need repairs from an experienced HVAC technician.

25 January 2023

Furnace Repairs That Could Be Needed When Your Furnace's Blower System Malfunctions


The blower in your furnace is an essential part because, without it, hot air can't circulate through your home. The parts that control the blower are the blower wheel, capacitor, and motor. If any of these parts malfunction, your home may not get or stay warm. These are signs of a blower problem in your furnace and the furnace repairs that could be needed. Signs Your Furnace's Blower Is Bad

4 January 2023

3 Cost-Saving Accessories To Add To Your Water Heater System


Access to hot water on demand is a luxury that modern homeowners can take for granted. The amount of energy required to generate hot water for your home is based on a range of factors. These factors include the type of water heater system you have installed, the amount of hot water your family uses each day, and the type of fuel powering your water heater system. You can always add some accessories to your water heater to make the appliance more energy efficient.

15 December 2022

Professional AC Installation: Reasons To Consider Programmable Thermostats For Your Business


Running a business entails a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure that your employees are comfortable while working and that your products or services meet customer satisfaction. You need to invest in the right equipment and tools to achieve these goals. And since indoor temperatures greatly contribute to indoor comfort, you should ensure your air conditioner is well-optimized to achieve this goal. What better way to ensure this than to invest in an automated thermostat?

29 November 2022