6 Signs You Need Commercial Refrigeration Repair Services


A well-functional refrigerator is crucial for business operations, especially for handling perishables. Nonetheless, refrigerators may face issues that jeopardize their efficiency. In such cases, refrigeration repair services address the problems to prevent inefficiencies.

Discover when your refrigeration equipment needs commercial refrigeration repair services. 

1. Leaks

Leaks are simple to detect because you can notice water pools around the unit. But, failure to solve the issue can decrease your refrigeration equipment's efficiency. Besides, leakages are never a good sign for refrigeration units.

The typical causes of leaks are drainage line clogs, electrical malfunction, and overloads. However, you may not tell the exact problem due to a lack of experience. Therefore, let commercial refrigeration repair services inspect and repair your unit.

2. Temperatures Problems

Warmer refrigeration temperatures predispose your food, drinks, or other products to spoilage. The increase in temperature can be due to dirty filters, low refrigerant, or ice buildup.

Unfortunately, the problems mentioned don't let the coolant lower temperatures to ideal levels. The appropriate way to tell the exact issue is to consult a commercial refrigeration repair company.

3. Excessive Condensation

You need refrigeration services if your unit has excessive condensation. Excess interior condensation promotes biological growth, making your products vulnerable to spoilage.

On the outer side, excessive exterior condensation may cause slip-and-fall accidents. Finally, frost buildup could lead to freezer burns, leading to losses due to unconsumable perishables.

4. Seal Damage

Your door seal must be in good operational condition to keep cold in and heat out. Even tiny cracks in the door can cause air to escape, making your equipment work harder and raising your energy bill.

Also, the items in your refrigeration unit could become too warm. A commercial refrigeration repair services technician repairs worn-out seals and provides the solution.

5. Weird Noises

The only noise your refrigeration unit should produce is a quiet hum as the compressor runs. Consult a commercial refrigeration repair technician if you notice lower-than-usual, too-loud, or odd sounds. Abnormal noises call for immediate concern because the root problem could be a faulty compressor.

6. Faulty Thermostat

Your commercial refrigeration equipment shouldn't feel cold when the thermostat reads warm. If you notice such an issue, consult refrigeration repair services for practical solutions. Otherwise, the faulty thermostat could overwork your compressor motor and cause worse problems.


A malfunctioning commercial refrigeration unit isn't good news for your business. However, you can prevent irreversible damage with regular care and maintenance. Besides, the cost of repairs is lower if the problem is in its early stages.

If you notice any of the above signs, contact a company like NuAire Mechanical Engineering.


20 October 2022

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