3 Myths About Heating Services


What are the top heating services myths? Whether you're a new homeowner or just want to learn more about this crucial comfort system, take a look at the facts and fiction of HVAC use, repairs, maintenance, and replacement.

Myth: You Can Fix Your Own Heater

There is a reason why HVAC contractors exist. Home heating systems are complex appliances that require in-depth knowledge and experience to inspect, diagnose, and repair. This means a do-it-yourself or DIY approach isn't the best choice for most homeowners. Even though YouTube videos and online step-by-step tutorials may make HVAC repairs look easy, in reality, these types of services are complicated. A DIY fix could end up costing you more than a professional service call if you fail to correct the problem or add to the damage. 

Beyond the possibility of unintentionally causing additional damage, an incorrect or improper repair could pose a serious safety hazard. HVAC systems include a potentially combustible fuel source (such as natural gas or heating oil) and electrical wiring. The wrong fix could cause a fire or shock risk. If your heater is a natural gas appliance, it could also result in a dangerous gas or carbon monoxide leak. 

Myth: All Heating Companies Are the Same

While many HVAC companies offer similar services, you will find differences between contractors. These could include the quality of the work, the types of products or parts the company uses/sells, manufacturer authorizations (for repairs made under a manufacturer's warranty), the types of systems serviced, and the hours or availability. 

Along with the services the contractor offers, the manufacturers they work with, and scheduling differences, HVAC companies offer different levels of service. A high-quality company should employ experienced, licensed technicians. Ask the contractor for references or recommendations (from other customers) to get a better understanding of the quality you should expect.

Myth: You Only Need To Call A Contractor When There's A Problem

Yes, you should call the contractor when your heater doesn't heat your home, won't turn on, has an odd odor, or has another noticeable issue. But problem visits aren't the only service calls that HVAC contractors make. 

You will also need to schedule routine pre- or post-season maintenance checks and cleanings for your heater. The average furnace can last for up to 25 years and a boiler may have a 40-year lifespan, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. But without adequate regular maintenance, you shouldn't expect your heater to reach or go beyond these numbers. 

Routine service calls can help you to stop minor issues before they become major problems. Professional HVAC maintenance can also improve your heater's efficiency and help to keep your home more comfortable.  

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6 March 2023

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