4 Electrical Upgrades You Need To Consider When Renovating Your Home


Electrical upgrades can help improve your home's energy efficiency. Older electrical panels may have outdated technology that consumes excessive energy. Also, installing new electrical equipment will decrease maintenance costs, as the system won't experience frequent malfunctions requiring costly repairs or replacements. 

Moreover, upgrading your electrical system will boost your home's power capacity, allowing you to install more appliances without overwhelming your home's circuitry. Additionally, electrical upgrades will enhance your home's safety against fire hazards and other accidents. This advantage may reduce your homeowners' insurance premiums.

Here are electrical upgrades you can install in your home during renovations.


Your outlets may malfunction due to wear and tear, leading to various electrical issues. For example, if you plug in a phone charger to an outlet and it hangs instead of attaching properly, your plugs are loose. Loose plugs will cause electrical current to leak, wasting energy that can contribute to high utility bills. Also, part of the plug may be exposed, leaving you vulnerable to electrocution or sparks that can quickly trigger a fire hazard.

A home renovation will allow you to install new outlets that guarantee safety. You can also use the opportunity to change the outlets' locations for easier access. Additionally, you can increase the number of outlets for convenience. For example, if you bought more appliances after purchasing a new home, your older house may not have enough outlets to accommodate your current power demands. 

Charging Stations

Each family member may have a smartphone or other electrical devices like Bluetooth speakers, laptops, and tablets. Charging these items can be a problem. You may not have enough outlets or be forced to charge all these items in the living room, creating a mess. 

Someone can trip on the wires, or they may spill a drink on the equipment, causing damage. To avert this problem, your electrician can install a charging station to accommodate all your phones and electrical devices.


Renovation is a great time to replace old, chipped, or cracked wiring. Wires usually succumb to wear and tear or may be damaged by pests like rats and termites. Damaged wires can lead to short circuits, which can trigger a fire, or they may cause your circuit breaker to trip unnecessarily. Also, children and pets can touch exposed or hanging wires and get electrocuted.

Light Switches

There are various modern light switches with different advantages. For instance, decorative switches stick out minimally from the walls, so they can't snag on clothes when you are passing near them. Double-pole switches can accommodate higher power loads, so they are ideal for heating appliances. Also, dimmable switches allow you to control the brightness of your lights. Hence, you can use them to create the perfect ambiance for relaxing at home.

To learn more about these features, contact a local electrician


14 September 2022

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