Useful Buying Guidelines For Residential Kitchen Exhaust Hoods


An important part of a residential kitchen is the exhaust hood because it helps alleviate grease and smells created by cooking activities. If you're looking to purchase a new one for your kitchen, observe these buying guidelines. 

Make Sure the Hood Is Big Enough

Kitchen exhaust hoods come in different sizes for residential kitchens, but it's important to get one big enough to fully cover the size of the cooktop or stove that this hood is going over. Then you can make sure odors and grease are effectively sucked up by this hood system.

As such, go into the kitchen and measure the cooktop or stove that you'll be supporting with a new hood. These dimensions will ensure you get the right hood size and thus get the best capabilities from it for the foreseeable future.

Look for Materials That Are Easy to Clean

While a kitchen exhaust hood sucks up odors and grease created in the kitchen, it's bound to get dirty. For this reason, you want to find an exhaust hood with materials that are not difficult to clean. Then you won't have to stress about maintaining this hood and keeping it spotless.

Stainless steel—for instance—is a great material for kitchen exhaust hoods because it won't be vulnerable to staining or having residues stick to it. You can get simple cleaning solutions and wipe down the surface of the exhaust hood, getting great cleaning results in no time.

Review Fan Quality

One of the most important components of a kitchen exhaust hood is the fan inside since it's what will help remove residues and odors that form in the kitchen when you cook. You want to make sure this fan is high-quality and powerful enough to perform great long-term.

You may not be an expert on kitchen exhaust hoods, but you can still find a quality fan if you perform ample research and consult with contractors that work with these fans all the time. They'll let you know if the fan is powerful and can remain in great shape for a long time, saving you costly replacements.

If you're looking to add a new exhaust hood in the kitchen, you want to look at the market in an objective manner. You can do this with ease if you first start out researching the available hood options and figure out what you want out of this kitchen accessory. 

Contact a local contractor to learn more about kitchen exhaust hoods.


25 August 2022

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