Where Can You Install An Air Conditioner Around Your Home?


After taking the time to shop for a new air conditioning unit and finding one for your home, the next step is to get the unit installed. However, before seeking air conditioning installation services, it is important to consider where to install the conditioner. The placement of your unit may seem unimportant, but it could help the system become more efficient. Before discussing some best spots, here is how to determine the best location;

What to Consider

You should consider some factors to determine the best location to install your unit. If you are installing an outdoor unit, find a shady space to install it. While the role of an air conditioner is to regulate the air around your home, they aren't immune to extreme temperatures. 

Therefore, keep it from direct sun or direct cold to make it more efficient and reduce energy consumption. If you have a shaded area around your home, you can install the conditioner at that spot.

The outdoor space you choose for your unit should also be far from vegetation. Vegetation occasionally sheds leaves, and other debris, which can get through to the unit and clog it. Installing the unit away from vegetation makes it economical also since you won't need to replace the filters frequently.

For an indoor unit, consider the temperature, location, and safety. You should also consider the current ventilation and the air conditioner's previous location (if you are making a replacement). Was the location okay, or would you like to change it?

The Two Best locations for Your Unit

Here are the two most convenient locations for your unit:

The Living Room

If you spend a lot of time in the living room, consider installing the air conditioner in the room. However, it will depend on the layout of your living room and the house. If your living room doesn't have windows, you can have a floor-standing air conditioner. However, if your windows are easy to open, a window-mounted unit may be efficient. You can use a centralized air conditioning system for a large living room.

Utility Closet

An indoor air conditioning is best placed in the center of the home. At the center, it reduces the ductwork needed, reducing the amount of work the system needs to do to deliver. If there is a closet midway through the hallway, it presents the perfect spot. 

Seek Professional Advice

Experts have more knowledge of some best places to install your unit. Therefore, as you call to schedule air conditioning installation services, you can ask them if they make recommendations on the best place to have the unit. Since every home is unique, they can inspect the home and advice accordingly.


24 June 2022

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