Signs You Need To Repair Your Furnace


Ensuring your furnace is in good condition is a priority for most homeowners. A properly working furnace makes your family comfortable, especially during winter. However, just like other HVAC appliances, a heating system has issues too. 

The work of a furnace is to provide a comfortable temperature in your house without struggle. Failure to do this indicates you should contact a professional for a furnace repair service. The following are warning signs your furnace is failing.

Strange Smell from Your Furnace

It is common for a newly installed furnace to have a specific smell that goes away as time passes. However, if you notice a weird smell that doesn't disappear, it's a sign your furnace needs repair. A heating system with poor combustion is likely to produce a strong smell, which is an issue that should be repaired immediately.

Your Electricity Bill Has Increased

Has your electricity bill gone up for no apparent reason? If you notice that this has repeatedly been happening, you should have your furnace checked as soon as possible. Your furnace has probably aged and is working hard to keep your entire home warm. It's also possible that the thermostat or a major part of your furnace has malfunctioned.

The Yellow Frame

If you observe a yellow flame through your furnace pilot light, it's a sign you need to call for a furnace maintenance service. Also, the yellow flame could indicate a carbon monoxide leak, risking your family's health. Ask for help from an expert because this isn't something you can handle alone or afford to ignore.

Starting Your Unit Has Become Challenging

If your furnace has become old, it's likely to require high maintenance service. You'll often encounter challenges trying to turn on or switch off the furnace. You might also have to keep restarting it. All these problems need to be looked at by a professional. Don't let your family feel uncomfortable during winter because of simple issues that can be fixed immediately.

Loud and Strange Noises from Your Furnace

Is your heating system producing abnormal sounds? It's pretty easy to brush it off without paying close attention, but this shouldn't be the case. For instance, a popping sound can indicate the burners have an issue. A screeching sound tells you that the belt of your furnace is worn out and could fail at any time; hence, the need to repair it.

The Unit Takes Forever to Heat Your House

Does your furnace take longer to heat up, especially during winter? If this happens, it's a sign your furnace might be working harder than it should. You should contact a local furnace repair professional to diagnose and fix the problem. Your family's health and comfort matter greatly, which is why you need to get the furnace to work as it should.


24 June 2022

furnace repairs - do it yourself?

Can furnace repairs be made by the average DIYer? If you know a little about what you are doing, is it possible to avoid the expense of having a professional come out to take care of any problems that you are having? My blog is all about furnace safety and repair. You will learn a few things that you can do on your own and advice for when to call in the professional repair technician to assist with the repairs. By the time you reach the end, you will have a better understanding of what you can and should not do on your own.