Looking For An Air Conditioning Appliance For Your Business? 4 Types To Choose From


Air conditioning systems have become a necessity in commercial places. And commercial AC appliances are quite different from residential ones. You can find them in various configurations ranging from a single zone to multi-split and ducted to ductless systems that fit all types of businesses. Take a detailed look at these commercial air conditioner installation types below.

Single Split Commercial Air Conditioning Appliances

Single split ACs are probably the most popular type. They're the best fit for smaller businesses such as cafes and apparel stores since they are quieter and more affordable. What makes them quiet is because, during installations, the noisiest part is placed outside. 

Single split ACs are available in various sizes and styles that can be mounted on the wall. Additionally, these ACs cool one room at a time. Therefore, you should not go with them if your premise has several offices.

Multiple Zone or Multi-Split ACs

Multi-split air conditioning appliances are the opposite of single split AC systems. This means that you can use it to cool multiple offices simultaneously. As a result, it is possible to achieve various temperatures depending on the needs of that particular room. 

Additionally, multi-split systems come with complicated ductwork. This means that installations are not as straightforward as single split system installations. But on the plus side, you do not need lots of outdoor space for this commercial AC appliance installation since you just need to install one central unit outside the building.

Ducted Vs. Ductless Air Conditioners

Whether you are looking for a single or multi-split AC, you should know that they can either be ducted or ductless. Ducted ACs distribute cool air via the ducts to the desired space. On the other hand, ductless air conditioners use handlers to distribute air.

Ductless ACs are ideal for commercial buildings that do not have enough space for ductwork installation. On the other hand, ducted air conditioners would work well in an office where there is ample space to install ducts.

Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners

If you have limited space on your walls or the floor, you can go with a rooftop air conditioning appliance. Like multi-split air conditioners, rooftop ACs can also cool a variety of rooms simultaneously. Since they are installed outside, rooftop ACs feature heavy-duty steel, coated for durability purposes.

As can be seen above, there are many commercial air conditioning installation varieties. If the search process feels overwhelming, you can always turn to an AC appliance installation expert for guidance. A company like Environmental Air Systems Inc has more information.


11 May 2022

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