Heating Services: Top 3 Reasons Why Your Boiler Isn't Firing Up


If your boiler is installed correctly, it can serve you for a long time. You can also enjoy minimal hitches and reduced repairs if you service it regularly. But like other appliances, the boiler experiences problems from time to time. A common boiler problem you're likely to encounter during operation is unresponsiveness in firing up. Remember that besides your boiler flame failing to heat your radiator, it can leave your home without hot water. Check out some of the common issues that might cause your boiler ignition.

A Faulty Gas Valve or Running Low on the Gas Pressure 

When your heating system doesn't ignite your central heater, you likely have insufficient gas pressure, and this is a task that only an experienced technician can address. If this happens during winter, you could have a faulty gas meter. The meter can become frozen due to low temperatures. In addition to that, a failing gas valve causes a restriction of the gas supply to your steam boiler. Remember that this valve opens and closes automatically to supply fuel to the heating system. So, the valve could be damaged or has faulty wiring if the steam boiler won't ignite.

Air Has Filled the Radiator

Air could be trapped inside the system if your radiator's upper section doesn't heat like the bottom. Remember that the central heater circulates hot water through the pipes. But air pockets can form along the pipes, causing air to rise to the radiator's top section. When this happens, your radiator will fail to fire up. You can resolve this problem by releasing the air via radiator bleeding. But if this isn't something you can do yourself, contact an experienced heating repair professional for help.

A Build-Up of Ice On The Appliance's Condensate Pipe 

The condensate pipe helps to remove water from your heating unit and transfers it outdoors. The outdoor pipes may freeze during winter due to the cold temperature, resulting in a blockage. Consequently, your boiler will indicate an error message in such a case, and you may also notice gurgling sounds. 

A simple solution to this problem is to melt the ice by applying heat. But you shouldn't use boiling water because it can significantly damage your appliance's pipe. Once the ice is melted, reset the steam boiler. If these steps won't solve the problem, call an experienced heating repair professional to find a viable solution.

Issues in the system's ignition can cause a lot of inconvenience in your house. Your heating system may fail to work, and this means that you won't have hot water. Now that you know the few common things that may result from this problem ensure that you seek timely professional help when these issues arise.


18 April 2022

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