The Parts Of A Forced-Air Heating System And The Importance Of Maintenance


If you have a forced-air furnace, you'll want to have it checked before winter returns. Your warranty may require annual care from a licensed furnace technician, but even if it doesn't, annual care is a good way to ensure your furnace is ready for a cold hard winter. Here's an overview of a forced-air heating system and why maintenance is important to keep your furnace working properly.

The Parts Of A Heating System

Different types of equipment work together to provide heat for your home. The thermostat signals the furnace to turn on and off. The furnace houses the heat-making equipment and blower, and the ducts spread warm air through your home.

The only part of your central HVAC system that isn't in use during the winter is the air conditioning unit. The condenser outside and the evaporator coil inside are idle until summer comes around and you switch to cooling mode.

The Importance Of Properly Functioning Ducts

Your ducts don't have to do much, but they need to perform as intended. If a duct gets ripped or if metal ducts come apart, then warm air blows in your cold attic rather than in your home. The warm air might attract pests to your attic, and the pests might decide to move in your ducts.

If your ducts leak, your furnace runs longer to make up for it and your power bill escalates. A heating technician can check the ducts and repair them if they're leaking.

The Benefits Of Furnace Maintenance

Like any other type of equipment, a furnace works better when the parts are clean and serviced. The heating contractor can find problems that might lead to a breakdown later and repair them so the risk of your furnace leaving you in the cold is much lower than if you don't keep up with maintenance.

The blower parts need to be checked and cleaned or your furnace may not put out much air. The combustion area needs to be cleaned so your furnace operates properly and safely. A buildup of soot in the combustion area leads to a number of problems, and some of them can harm you or your furnace.

Maintaining your heating system is important for your equipment. Even filter changes are important for the health of your furnace and to protect your investment in the equipment. Let a furnace technician service your equipment once a year and make prompt repairs when necessary so you don't come home to a malfunctioning furnace and a freezing house.


24 March 2022

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