How Can You Navigate the World of AC Brands?


Buying a new air conditioning system is a significant investment, especially since you'll often need to pair your new air conditioner with other HVAC upgrades. There's a lot to consider when making this decision, including everything from sizing to energy efficiency. Of course, you'll also need to decide which brand to purchase and how the cost of these brands can fit into your budget. 

You can find plenty of lists for top air conditioning brands on the internet, as well as user reviews on big-box retailer websites. While these tools are helpful to help make your decision, they shouldn't be the only factors you consider. Below are three tips to follow when navigating an industry filled with brand names that may be unfamiliar to you.

1. Work With Your HVAC Contractor

Your HVAC contractor installs many air conditioning systems, and they likely have familiarity with a wide range of brands. In addition to installs, they also deal with servicing and repairing units, often in homes where they didn't have any say in selecting the system. This experience can help them recognize which brands hold up over time and which ones may suffer more repeated and expensive failures.

While some contractors will install any system you buy, it's still likely that they have preferences and opinions of their own. Even if you already have a brand in mind, you should talk about your options with your contractor and hear their views. In many cases, you can use their experience to your advantage to choose a more reliable and trustworthy brand.

2. Consider Local Parts Availability

Brand availability and popularity vary from region to region. Some companies may also have multiple brands under their umbrellas, such as is the case with Trane and American Standard. Although the systems may be similar or even identical, one brand may be more prevalent in certain parts of the country.

Local availability is another area where your HVAC contractor can help you. They can let you know which parts contractors are more likely to carry and which brands contractors in your region service more often. Choosing a standard option in your part of the country will often mean quicker and more reliable service if something breaks.

3. Consider Warranties

Warranties are another factor that can vary substantially between manufacturers. High-end manufacturers often offer more extended warranties, which can help offset some of the higher prices by helping you avoid expensive repairs. On the other hand, mid-tier and low-tier brands typically have shorter warranties and may have less responsive warranty support.

For many homeowners, choosing new residential air conditioner services means selecting between unfamiliar brands and reading a large amount of specialized terminology. Wherever possible, rely on the advice of your installer, and you're likely to choose a system that will provide you with many years of reliable service.


7 February 2022

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