4 Considerations Before Installing An AC In Your Office


If you are a business or a large-scale office complex, AC installation is no doubt going to be an essential part of your spending. But how much have you thought about what to do with your AC? Will it be for cooling, heating, ventilation, or perhaps all three? Bear in mind that there is a significant difference between the types of systems and their applications.

While it might not be easy initially when trying to sort through the different kinds of AC units, by thinking ahead and choosing wisely, you can save yourself from future headaches. Here are 4 more things to consider before you go ahead with an AC installation.

What is the Purpose of the AC?

If your office space has large open areas, then window AC units might be your best bet as they provide clean air for the ventilation of the entire building. However, if you are looking for heating or cooling capabilities, then split ACs are the most efficient option available.

What Will be the Location of the Installation?

Considering that AC units need enough room behind them in order to breathe properly, it does not make sense to think about AC installations that happen on a wall and don't have any breathing room behind it. So measure out the area where you want to put up your AC and make sure there is at least a couple of extra feet on each side. Contact an HVAC technician to help you.

What Kind of Condition is Your Roof in?

If you have a flat or low-pitched roof, then you should definitely think about AC installation from the ground rather than from the top because it would be much easier to do so, and you may save yourself some money, too. Also, if your ceiling gets enough sunlight for a good amount of time during the day, then a ductless split AC will work best for that spot as they don't require any vents or windows.

Does your Building Need Air Conditioning During Summer and Winter?

Though window ACs work perfectly fine for cooling purposes, if you want heating as well, then ductless split AC units are the most efficient option for hybrid seasons as they distribute air through internal pipes, which makes them easy to use for both heating and cooling purposes within fractions of seconds without experiencing any problems.

If you are planning to install an AC system in your building, contact an HVAC contractor today and learn the best and suitable unit for your property. They can discuss AC installation services with you.


6 January 2022

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