3 Air Conditioning Repair Issues Associated With Higher Energy Usage


Many homeowners are becoming increasingly concerned about the current trends for higher electricity costs across much of the nation. Since the power needs for most homes can be much greater during the cooling season, any increases in the cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity can feel painful.

While homeowners have little control over the basic costs associated with the electrical power furnished to them by their provider, they can take steps to minimize their consumption. During the cooling season, addressing existing air conditioning repair issues is an important way to help the components operate more efficiently so that home cooling costs can remain as affordable as possible. 

Coolant issues 

Central air conditioning systems use coolant for their cold air production process. If coolant levels fall, the components are forced to work harder and use increasing amounts of energy in their efforts to produce cool air. Coolant loss can occur suddenly, such as when a coolant line becomes damaged or broken. It can also occur over an extended period of time, such as when pinhole leaks form that are difficult to see. Homeowners who suspect that the coolant level in their air conditioning system has fallen below the optimum level should consider having the AC system checked for leaks or damage. 

Blower issues 

After cold air is produced, central air conditioning systems rely on powerful blower components to force the air through the ducts and vents of the home. AC systems that are working efficiently and are correctly sized for the space they must cool will initiate the blower fan only as needed to distribute cool air for the purpose of maintaining the selected thermostat setting. 

Homeowners who begin to notice extended blower run times are also seeing signs that the system is operating less efficiently than it should. Blower system repair issues capable of causing this type of problem could be due to a failing motor or wear issues related to the fan, pulleys, bearings, and belts. 

Duct issues 

Residential air conditioning ducts and vents can also contribute to inefficient operation and higher energy costs. Ducts can become clogged or incur damage that lessens or interrupts the flow of the cold air the system produces. While this type of issue is most common in older homes where the ducts may have undergone previous repairs or alterations, homes of any age can also experience duct issues capable of causing inefficient cooling. 

Homeowners who are experiencing higher energy usage during the summer cooling season will want to contact a reputable air conditioning repair contractor to inspect their cooling system and make necessary repairs. 

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10 November 2021

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