Three Fixes For A Partially Working Air Conditioner


Air conditioners that are only partially working may blow air that isn't cool or take a long time to cool your house. The problem can often be narrowed down to an issue with your outdoor unit's electrical components or your ducts if they are damaged or failing.

Replace Fuses

When you feel air coming from your vents but the air isn't cool, the first place to look is your outdoor unit. If you hear a humming sound while the air conditioner is operating but the fan inside the outdoor unit isn't moving, this could point to an issue with your fuses. Your fuses serve as protection for more expensive parts in your air conditioner; if there's an electrical problem, like a surge, your fuses take the brunt of the damage.

Fuses that have failed due to electrical issues or simply old age can no longer carry a current to your air conditioner. The humming coming from your air conditioner is a sign that some power is being supplied, but that there isn't enough to operate the motor and other parts. Replacing the fuses can quickly solve this problem.

Have the Fan Motor and Capacitors Inspected

If replacing the fuses doesn't work, there are two other parts that could cause the same issue.

The first is the fan motor itself. If there's trouble with the motor, you may still hear humming that indicates power is being received, but the motor can't do anything with it. Having the motor inspected by a professional and repaired if necessary can fix the problem.

Another possibility is your capacitors — in particular, the start capacitor. The start capacitor is responsible for providing the initial burst of power to get the fan blades moving. If this isn't working, even if your motor is working fine, it won't be able to move the blades. One way to test this is by safely pushing the blades while you hear the humming sound. If the blades start to move on their own after you push them, this strongly indicates a problem with the start capacitor.

Reseal, Repair, or Replace Ducts

Failing or damaged ducts can lose plenty of air before it even makes it into your house. Even if your air is cool, if you notice that your air conditioner takes a long time to cool your house or that it seems to be running constantly, the primary problem could be air loss from your ducts.

If the problem is minor or isolated, it can usually be repaired. If your ducts are old and losing insulation and sealing across your entire duct system, having them replaced entirely will be much more cost effective and long lasting.

Contact a company that offers air conditioning repair services to learn more.


14 October 2021

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