2 Things You May Not Have Known About Radiant Heat


When it comes to ways to heat your home, many people assume that a forced-air furnace system is best. However, there are better ways to heat your home that you may not be aware of. Radiant heat can be an excellent choice for a home due to the following things you may not have known about it.

Radiant Heat Can Be Powered By Electricity Or Hot Water

There are going to be two ways to install radiant heat in your home, both of which require different energy sources. You can run hot water pipes underneath the floors that allow the heat from the water to radiate upward, or you can use electric heating cables that provide a similar effect with electricity. Both methods have their pros and cons, but you must pick one or the other. 

Electric heating cables are great for retrofitting existing homes with radiant heat since you likely do not have a central boiler. This can be an excellent choice for remodeling a bathroom or adding an addition to your home. If you are going to have trouble getting the existing HVAC system to run to the new room, electric radiant heat can be a great choice. Hot water radiant heat will work best in new construction since it requires running water pipes all over your home in places where they are currently not found. 

Radiant Heat Is Incredibly Comfortable

One of the biggest benefits of having radiant heat is that it provides a lot of comfort in your home. With a forced-air system, the heat comes out from a vent and then rises to the ceiling, which can create hot and cold spots throughout your home. Being too close to a vent can cause you to feel really hot, and underneath a desk can cause your feet to feel cool.

Radiant heat comes up from the floor, so the hottest temperatures are going to be near your feet. As the heat travels upwards, it warms up the rest of your body and leaves your heat slightly cooler than the bottom half of your body. This results in heat that is more comfortable for your entire home since it can also reach those areas where forced air heat struggles to reach.

Reach out to a heating systems contractor in your area for more information about radiant heat, and why it can be an excellent choice for your home. 


26 August 2021

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