3 Signs That Your In Need Of A Professional Heating Service


There is no need to wait until your furnace stops working altogether to reach out to a professional heating service. In fact, if you learn how to identify the warning signs that something is not quite right with your heating system, you will often be able to avoid this type of total breakdown and the expensive emergency repairs that come along with it. If you're not quite sure what you should be looking for when determining whether or not a service call is warranted, the information outlined below can help.

Your Heat Is Being Distributed Unevenly

While you may think of this issue as nothing more than a nuisance, the fact is that uneven heat distribution can point to a larger underlying problem. For instance, if there is an air leak in your home's ventilation system, this can cause one area of your home to be much warmer than another area of your home. If this air leak is not fixed, your furnace will cycle on more frequently in an attempt to heat the cooler area of your home. Not only will this result in some areas of your home becoming uncomfortably warm, but it will also cause your furnace to work harder. This means that the other parts of your furnace will wear out faster and eventually require repair or replacement as well.

Your Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

Relighting a pilot light is a relatively easy job on most furnaces. Consequently, many people will simply relight the pilot light and forego a service call. However, taking this approach can be a costly mistake. A pilot light that goes out more than one or two times in a single season will often be a sign that your furnace is in need of repair. While relighting the pilot light may get your furnace up and running in the short term, a failure to address the underlying issue will typically result in much more costly repairs in the near future. 

Your Furnace Is Struggling To Keep Up With Normal Demand

If your local area is currently experiencing an exceptionally cold weather pattern, it is quite normal for even a well-maintained furnace to struggle to keep your home at the desired temperature. In this situation, the use of space heaters or an extra blanket to help keep you warm will be far more effective than a service call. However, if your furnace is struggling to keep up with normal demand, this is an entirely different story. If you find that your furnace has to cycle on frequently to maintain desired temperatures or is never really quite able to reach the temperature you set your thermostat at, this can be a sign of an air flow problem that will need to be addressed by a professional HVAC contractor. A failure to address this issue can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your furnace and cause your monthly energy bills to spike. 

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10 June 2021

furnace repairs - do it yourself?

Can furnace repairs be made by the average DIYer? If you know a little about what you are doing, is it possible to avoid the expense of having a professional come out to take care of any problems that you are having? My blog is all about furnace safety and repair. You will learn a few things that you can do on your own and advice for when to call in the professional repair technician to assist with the repairs. By the time you reach the end, you will have a better understanding of what you can and should not do on your own.