2 Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Your Central A/C Unit's Exterior Condenser Fins


Once warm weather arrives, you may be working on getting your home ready for the upcoming spring and summer months, which includes cleaning up and maintaining your home's central air conditioner. When you observed the unit, you may have found that the exterior fins have quite a bit of dirt caught in them. To help clean these up and ensure they are in good condition, use the tips below.

1.  Remove Dirt and Debris Caught in the Fins Gently with a Paintbrush and Garden Hose

The first thing that you will need to do when performing maintenance on your A/C unit's condenser fins is to remove any dirt, debris, and vegetation that has become caught within the spaces. When you go to do this part of the job, however, you need to make sure that you do so gently.

If you use too much force, the fins will become severely bent or broken. Since this will interfere with the condenser's airflow, if this were to happen, you would need to have them repaired by a professional.

To gently clean the fins, use a paintbrush to knock out any loose dirt and debris. Then, use a garden hose with a setting for a medium mist to rinse away any remaining dirt. 

2.  Straighten Any Bent Condenser Fins Using a Butter Knife

Once you have cleaned away all of the dirt, you will then be able to fully visualize the condition of the condenser fins. Since bent fins can impede the flow of air through the air conditioning unit, you should inspect them carefully for any that are not fully straight.

If you see any fins that are slightly askew, you can try to straighten them yourself using a butter knife. Carefully place the end of the knife in the space on the bent side of a fin, making sure not to strike the condenser with the tip.

Then, gently push the fin with the flat side of the knife until it is straight. Repeat the process until all of the fins are relatively straight and in the correct position.

While performing the above maintenance tasks a couple of times a year and when the fins become damaged can help with the airflow, there are other maintenance tasks that should be left up to a professional, such as checking the condition of the condenser itself. To schedule an on-site call, contact an HVAC contractor who offers air conditioning maintenance services.


18 February 2021

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