2 Concerning Gas Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore


While heating your home, you may have started to notice odd noises coming from the gas furnace. While you may be used to the normal sounds of the heating unit, such as a faint initial pop or whoosh, the noises you are currently hearing have suddenly appeared. If you are hearing either of the concerning noises below, do not ignore them, as they could indicate a serious problem with your gas heater.

1.  Loud Bang When the Burner Ignites

One noise coming from your furnace that you should not ignore is a loud bang that you hear whenever the heater starts and the burner ignites. This is often caused by a dirty or rusty burner that is temporarily blocking the flow of gas.

The gas is under pressure so that no air gets into the lines and so that it feeds the pilot light and burner with a consistent flow. However, if the burner's holes become blocked by grime or rust, the gas must force its way through the holes to ignite the flame. 

Once it does force its way through, the gas explodes as the fire ignites it. This problem not only poses a risk of cracking the gas line, but it could also damage the burner, heat exchanger, or other components of the furnace's heating system.

2.  Rattling Sound While the Furnace Is Running

Another sound that should concern you is a rattling that is present while the furnace is running. While this rattling could be caused by a loose screw or fan blade, it could also be produced by a crack in the furnace's heat exchanger.

As the gas flows through the exchanger, it is under pressure and normally stay within the closed system. However, if it has a crack in it, the gas will filter through. Because the gas is under pressure, it will shake the metal while it escapes, causing the rattling noise you keep hearing.

If the problem is caused by a leaking heat exchanger, you need to get someone to look at it immediately. This means that gas is leaking into your home, causing a serious health risk and a possible explosion hazard.

If you hear loud banging or a rattling sound coming from your gas furnace, you need to have it check out by a professional right away to avoid potential hazards. Contact an HVAC contractor who offers furnace repair services to set up a time for them to inspect the unit and discuss your options of finding any issues that they may find.

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27 August 2020

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