Four AC Fan Problems


Your AC can only cool your home if the fan is working since the fan is the part of the system that forces the cold air out and into the rooms. The following can help you diagnose four common AC fan problems.

1. Noisy Operation

Noise is likely one of the most common complaints when it comes to the fan in your AC. The noise could be minor rattling or it could be an alarming squeal. Usually, the cause is a loose component, which your AC technician can tighten up. In other cases, the fan may need to be cleaned and lubricated, another task for your annual routine maintenance visit. Sometimes, though, the problem is with the fan bearings. If this is the situation, the bearings must be repacked and lubricated.

2. Failure to Operate

You know there is a problem when the fan won't come on. Not only will the air conditioner be strangely quiet, but there will also be no cool air coming from the vents. First, make sure that the thermostat fan setting is on. If it is, then either the fan motor has burned out or there is an electrical issue somewhere in the fan assembly. An AC tech can check for issues and either repair the system or replace the fan motor.

3. Sluggish Movement

Sometimes the fan comes on but it moves slowly, barely pushing any air through at all. If you remove the housing from the AC you can easily see that the fan is barely rotating. Occasionally speed will pick up toward the end of the cooling cycle, but not always. This can be a result of poor lubrication or bearing issues. It's more likely that there is a failing run capacitor in the fan assembly. Your AC tech will replace the faulty capacitor so the fan will work properly again.

4. Constant Running

Almost as problematic as a slow fan is one that never shuts off, even when the AC isn't running. The problem is usually with the thermostat, so your AC tech will need to check your thermostat and replace it if it's the problem. A short in the wiring can also lead to a fan that doesn't turn off when it should, which requires a prompt electrical repair to ensure there is no fire risk. Failed relay switches are another common cause of a constantly running fan, but fortunately, your tech can easily replace these.

Contact a residential AC service in your area if you are having issues with your fan.


14 August 2020

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