Why Air Conditioning Contractors May Also Work As Heating Contractors


When you are looking specifically for an air conditioning contractor, you may be surprised to see listings for a lot of heating contractors. While heating and cooling a home are definitely related, you may be wondering why your search engine results keep throwing heating contractors at you while you are looking for a cooling contractor. Here are the reasons why. 

Not All HVAC Contractors Specialize in Just Cooling

HVAC contractors generally receive training and education in both heating and cooling appliances and related services — in fact, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Some may choose to specialize in just cooling (which is probably what you were thinking when you started your search), and some specialize in just heating. However, a much larger percentage of these contractors and technicians opt to do both, which is why you are getting so many heating contractors in your search for a cooling contractor. 

HVAC Contractors Who Do Both Have More Work

HVAC contractors who provide both heating and cooling services do so because it gives them more jobs and more work to do all year long. Not only can they complete cooling jobs during the warmer months of the year, but they can focus on heating jobs during the colder months of the year. This is one of the biggest reasons why HVAC contractors and technicians will do both kinds of jobs. It is more consistent work and more work all year long. 

Contractors That Provide Both Heating and Cooling Can Stay Competitive with Rates and Competitors

While it is nice to get a contractor that specializes in just cooling appliances (or heating), it is difficult for these contractors to stay competitive with those that provide all heating, cooling, and ventilation services. The contractors that provide all heating, cooling, and ventilation services can compete easily with each other, providing rates that make your cooling appliance installation and repairs a little less costly (when you shop around), and providing a competitive edge for the contractors and technicians themselves. 

Hire the Best Contractor You Can Find for What You Need

If you still want to search for a cooling specialist, and that is what you want to hire, that is fine, but now you know that you are probably going to get a lot of mixed results that include contractors that either provide just heat or also provide heating and cooling services. You may also see some "general contractor" results in the mix because general contractors do a little bit of HVAC work, too. Hire the best contractor for your cooling job. 


16 December 2019

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