High Water Pressure Wastes Resources: How To Fix It


Nobody likes having low water pressure in their homes, and that's the reason why many people don't get bothered when their homes have high water pressure. However, you need to understand that high water pressure wastes resources and can cause serious problems to your home. Therefore, you should always consult a plumber if you are having high water pressure in your home because they can advise you how to deal with it.

What Are the Indications of High Water Pressure?

  • Leaks – Mostly, leaks happen when the water pressure is too high—this does not matter whether it's your toilet that keeps on running or simple leak from your faucets.

  • Water spitting – If your faucet aerator spits water the moment you turn it on, that's an indication of high water pressure.

  • Banging pipes – Banging noises in your pipes means that these pipes cannot handle the water pressure because it's too high.

  • The life span of your appliances – If some appliances in your home, like the washing machine, water heater, or dishwasher break down sooner than you expected, it can be because of high water pressure that causes wear and tear to these appliances.

How to Fix High Water Pressure

You might fail to notice that the water in your home is flowing out of the showerheads and faucets at a faster rate, but you notice some of the above-mentioned indications of high water pressure. When you notice any of these signs, the first thing you need to do is to determine the psi. When you notice that the psi is over 80, you should reduce the water pressure as this helps in protecting your appliance and plumbing system. Check on the functionality of your hot water heater and call a plumber if you are unsure what to look for. Problems with pressure control in your hot water heater may require a repair or replacement.

The following two devices can also help you fix the water pressure problem in your house:

Water Pressure Gauge

These gauges are widely available on online stores as well as local stores. A water pressure gauge shows you the water pressure in your home, and it can be attached to your water heater's drain connection or your external water heater. If you require help in fixing the gauge, you can call a plumber to fix it for you. Always monitor the water pressure readings on the gauge, and consider calling a plumber whenever the reading exceeds 80 psi.

Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator or pressure regulator valve can help in solving high water pressure issues permanently. The regulator valve is usually installed on the main line supplying water to your house, close to the shut-off regulator. It is important to understand that a water pressure regulator can last up to 12 years. So, if you need a pressure regulator valve installed, call a plumber to do that for you.


7 January 2019

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