Why You Don't Have To Be Home For Air Conditioning Repair And How To Sign For Work In Advance


So, you need air conditioning repair, but you do not want to take a day off for it? No problem. In most instances, and with most air conditioning systems, the majority of the work can be completed outside. There are only a few components indoors, and if you address the electricity situation prior to leaving for work earlier in the day, this is not a problem. Here is how you can get the repair work done, sign for the work in advance, and leave the rest to the HVAC technician. 

​Choose An HVAC Company And Technician

After you get a handful of quotes for the repair work and you have selected the company and technician you want for the job, go to the company's main address. Give them the estimate paperwork they gave you, and request a work order form for you to sign. Sign the work order right there at their desk. Then schedule a date for the work to be completed. You may even be able to select a time, if you want to be present just as the technician is finishing up the job. 

Prepare On The Day Of The Job

On the day of the job, you will need to go into the basement or to wherever your breaker or fuse box is located. Find the breaker or fuse for the air conditioner. Switch it off. This cuts the electricity to the air conditioning system so that the technician can safely work on it while you are away. This only works if all of the expected tasks on the work order are things that need to be completed outside. If anything needs to be done inside, you will need to be at home to allow the technician into the house at that time.

Get A Copy Of The Completed Work Form In Your Door And The Bill

When the technician has completed the work per the work order, he/she tears out the yellow copy of the finished work order and will place it either in your front door or in an envelope and then in your front door. If there were unexpected complications, the technician makes notes about them on the form. For the most part, this is just information you may need in the future. If something else needed repair or replacing, then the technician will either call you to get pre-authorization, or repair/replace it if it was something small and relatively inexpensive. You will receive a bill in the mail a few days after service is completed.


17 November 2018

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