4 Heating Repairs That You May Need For Your Radiant Heating System And Boiler This Winter


In many regions with extreme cold weather, radiant heating and boilers are an efficient and durable solution to heat your home. The systems differ from conventional forced air HVAC in that they need different maintenance and repairs before winter arrives and throughout the cold season. With older systems, there may occasionally be a need for repairs and upgrades to your radiant heating system. Here are some of the heating repairs that you may need for your radiant heating system and boiler this winter:

1. Inspecting Plumbing and Pipe Connections Before Winter

Plumbing is a major component of radiant heating systems, and there are mini connections where pipes meet radiators or go to different areas of your home. Before you start your heating system for the winter months, you want to inspect all the plumbing and pipe connections to ensure there is no wear, damage, or other problems that require plumbing repairs.

2. Making Sure You Have Fuel and That the Boiler Is Clean

Making sure you have fuel and that your boiler is clean is an important part of maintenance for radiant heating systems. No fuel and a dirty boiler can also be the cause of needing repairs during the winter months. One of the first things that you want to do is check the fuel system to make sure there is fuel, the filter is clean, and that all the lines are in good shape. You also want to check the boiler to make sure that the burner is clean and heating properly.

3. Maintaining Radiators During the Winter Months and Troubleshooting Problems

Maintaining radiators during the winter months and troubleshooting problems is another issue that you may have to deal with. Whenever air gets into the lines of your heating system, it can also fill radiators and cause them not to heat your home. This means that you will need to bleed the air out of radiators or other heating elements to ensure they heat your home properly. If there are leaks, you may also need to change the valves on radiators or do other repairs to ensure your heating system works during cold winter weather.

4. Troubleshooting Problems When the Heater Goes Out During Cold Weather

There are many reasons why the heating may go out during cold weather. This is often due to an electrical outage, problem with the fuel supply, or problems with radiators. You want to start troubleshooting your heating system by checking to make sure that the power is on and your boiler is working. In addition, check to make sure the boiler has fuel and that radiators are heating properly.

These are some radiant heating and boiler repairs that you will have to deal with this winter. If you need help with repairs and maintenance before the cold weather comes, contact a heating and plumbing service such as Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division to ensure your heater is working when you need it most. 


20 September 2018

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