Signs That Your Furnace Is Dirty And In Need Of Cleaning


If you have a forced air heating system, and you do not complete regular maintenance on the device, then you may be looking at an expensive repair bill in the near future. And, a dirty furnace is one thing that can cause a problem and lead to repair issues. You can complete some of the cleaning on your own, and there are many signs that your furnace is dirty and in need of cleaning. Keep reading to learn about a few of these signs. 

Dust In Your House

If you have a forced air heating system, then there are a number of different of features that help to keep dust out of your house These include the general shape and function of the blower, the overall structure of the ductwork, and the position and shape of the vent openings. Of course, there are also filters that help to keep dust out of the system. Depending on your furnace and ducts, you may have two or more filters. One filter can often be found on the air intake and the other sits close to the plenum. 

If all of these different features fail and you see dust coming out of your vents and collecting on various indoor surfaces, then this is a sure sign that your furnace is quite dirty. 

The first step is to check and replace filters, but you also may need to speak with your heating specialist about cleaning inside the blower and the furnace itself. Allow a professional to complete the cleaning so a general inspection can be completed at the same time.

Yellow Or Orange Flame

If you have a gas, oil, or propane heating system, then it is always wise to check the flame of the device to make sure that combustion is occurring properly. Combustion involves just the right combination of fuel and air, and the flame will be a blue color if it is efficient and correct. 

Check your flame, and if it is a yellow or orange color, or if the flame is small or low, then this is a sign that the burner is dirty. Also, dirt may be present on the vents that allow air into the combustion area and the fuel nozzle may be caked with debris as well. 

A simple cleaning can sometimes fix the combustion issue, but if you do not see a blue flame after your cleaning, then it is wise to speak with your heating professional about the issue. 

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15 August 2018

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