4 Unconventional Air Conditioning Methods


Is your home located in a climate that has very hot summers? If so, having air conditioning that works is crucial to being comfortable in your home. While conventional AC depends on forced air, operating the system can be very expensive. That's why there are unconventional methods that can cool down a home, some of which you may not know about. Here are 4 different methods that you could use.

Geothermal Cooling

You can reduce your cooling costs in the summer by using a geothermal HVAC system. These have a more expensive upfront cost for the installation but will pay off in terms of reduced energy usage and less frequent repairs. The system works by absorbing the heat in the air, but instead of moving it outside your home with a vent, it takes it underground.

Some homeowners even use a geothermal system in the winter to act as a heat exchanger that reduces heating costs as well.

Evaporative Cooling

Another option is to use an evaporative cooling system to reduce how much you pay in energy costs. The system is installed very similarly to ducted air conditioner system since it uses forced air, but the cooling method is quite different. Warm air passes over a cooled pad with water on it that drops the temperature, and the system then pushes the chilled air throughout your home.

Many homeowners that use solar panels to power their home switch to an evaporative cooling system due to the reduced electrical use.

Passive Cooling

The hot air in your home will rise to the top of the house, while the cool air will go towards the bottom. This makes your second floor hot and your basement cold, which is the opposite of where you spend your time at night. Passive cooling uses an attic fan to suck the warm air out of your home. When the fan is turned on, the hot air near the top exits immediately, while the cool air starts to flow through the rooms.

Radiant Cooling

A radiant cooling system works similar to a radiant heat system. It works by creating a cold surface in each room that absorbs the heat and moves it out of the room. This is done by moving cool liquid through tubing and radiators to create a comfortable living environment.

Speak with an HVAC contractor such as those at Advanced Heating & Cooling about having one of these unconventional cooling solutions installed in your home.


12 June 2018

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