3 Energy Efficient Air Conditioner Upgrades To Do Before Summer Arrives


When summer arrives, your AC will be working around the clock to keep your home cool and comfortable. This means that more energy will be used to cool your home and your utility bills will be higher, which is why you may want to consider upgrades to improve energy efficiency of your AC, such as installing smart thermostats or replacing an outdated AC with a heat pump. Here are some of the energy-efficient AC upgrades that you may want to consider before summer arrives:

1. Updating the AC with A New Programmable Smart Thermostat

Today, modern HVAC systems have programmable thermostats, which allow you to adjust the temperature automatically to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. There are also newer smart thermostats that memorize settings and adjust programs automatically according to your preferences. If your air conditioner is still using an outdated analog-style thermostat, it is time to talk with an HVAC contractor about replacing it with a programmable one.

2. Replacing That Old and Outdated Condensing Unit with An Energy-Efficient Heat Pump

If you have an old condensing unit air conditioner, it may be time to replace it with something more efficient. You have many modern energy-efficient choices for AC units, as well as modern heat pumps. If you want to upgrade your AC with the most efficient option available, heat pumps are a great choice, which will also help provide energy-efficient heating during mildly cold weather. Another great benefit of heat pumps is that they are often much quieter than conventional condensing units, so you will hardly hear any noise when the AC is running.

3. Upgrading and Repairing Ductwork and Insulation to Keep Cool Air Inside

Ductwork for your AC may be in areas like the attic or a crawl space, which makes it vulnerable to damage. Before you start using your air conditioning, check all the ducts for signs of damage like missing insulation and do needed repairs. This is also a good time to consider improvements to the ductwork, such as installing better insulation. You may also want to consider improvements like crawl space encapsulation to protect ducts from animals and moisture if you have this type of foundation.

These are some of the energy-efficient AC upgrades that you may want to consider for your home before you need your air conditioner. Contact an HVAC service, such as Arnold Service Co, to help with some of these improvements to reduce the costs of keeping your home cool this summer. 


7 February 2018

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