Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System


There is no doubt that a summer without air conditioning would be a miserable summer. In fact no air conditioner can be considered a health hazard because of heat exhaustion and dehydration. So, it is important that you do everything that you can to maintain your air conditioning system through the year, but especially during the spring to prepare for a hot summer. The good news is there are a few different things that you can do as a homeowner to maintain your air conditioning unit. Of course there are benefits of having a technician come to your home each spring to look at your air conditioning system and check for anything that could be a major problem, but here are a few different things that you can do to prepare for summer.

Air Compressor

The first thing that you want to inspect is the air compressor on the outside of the home. You will be amazed at how much debris can enter your air compressor. First you want to turn off the power to your unit, and open it up. Clean out all the debris that you find in the unit and do not be afraid to use a high powered vacuum to get all the debris out. You then want to fix all the fins so air can flow easily through the outside of the compressor. Cut back any shrubs or flowers that may be growing to close to the compressor, and ensure that the compressor is completely level. You want the compressor level so the coolant can flow through the coils without any problem.

Evaporator Coil

You want to take the time to clean your evaporator coil. This is inside and you may need to remove a few screws to get to it. The first thing that you want to do is clean all the debris, you can use a cloth or a brush to do this. Head to your local home improvement store and get some coil cleaner to spray on the coil. The spray will clean off the coil and drip down to the bottom of the catch pan. Once you have cleaned the catch pan, scrub it clean with soap and a good amount of water. If the catch pan is really dirty and needs extra cleaning you may want to pour some bleach in with the soap. If you have had any problems with algae, you may want to consider pouring a little bit of bleach and water mixture, 50% bleach, into the drain to keep algae from growing in the drain. 

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4 October 2017

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