How To Clean Your Duct For Cleaner Air


If anyone in your house is suffering from allergies, you might be able to alleviate, if not completely fix their problems. That is, allergens can get stuck in your duct system and circulate whenever you run your heater or air conditioner, causing people to have severe allergies when they are in their own home. A basic DIY duct cleaning just might help with those annoying and harmful allergy problems. Even if you don't have allergies, you might find this project help helpful because it should produce cleaner air throughout your home, meaning that you won't need to dust as often.

Remove and Clean the Air Registers

First of all, you want to remove air registers and clean them thoroughly. If the air registers are blocked, the dust within your ducks can accumulate. Once you pull the registers off the wall, clean between each individual event, especially on the backside. There is often a ridge between the duct and the wall where dust and dirt can accumulate. Vacuum out this area thoroughly.

Cleaning Your Ducts with the Best Tools

Once you have your registers off the wall, you need to clean as deep into your ducts as possible. If you don't already have the tools, it is definitely worth investing in a telescoping pole and duct cleaning brush. Often, you will only be able to find the pole at a paint store or in the paint section at home improvement store. These polls have a universal male screw-on attachment. Look for a duct cleaning brush that has the female match to this universal attachment. Since a duct cleaning brush is basically worthless without a pole, almost any brush that you find will have this fitting.

There is a special technique you should use for pulling the dust out of the ducts. That is, don't just start scrubbing or sweeping against the sidewalls of the ducts. You'll get much better results if you try and delicately push the pool as far as you can to the back of the duct without hitting the sidewalls. Then, press down on one side wall with constant pressure as you pull it out of the duct, toward you. By doing this, you won't be pushing any dust or dirt further into your duct system.

This simple project might not only increase the quality of air in your home, it could also help improve airflow. In the end, you could even help reduce your electricity bills. To learn more, contact a company like Mountain Air Comfort Systems. 


15 December 2016

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