Stay Warmer This Winter With Some Efficiency Tips


If you are looking at ways to make your home heat more effectively and efficiently, start with your furnace. Schedule an appointment with a heating specialist to ensure there are no problems or issues that could be impacting how effective your furnace is and that could be potentially costing you money in wasted heating costs.

Consider some of these ways that could make your home easier and cheaper to heat this winter:

Make sure the system isn't getting old

Make sure to address issues that could be interfering with the performance of your furnace or boiler. High-efficiency systems are replacing older units, and if your boiler is 15- years old or older, it might be time to upgrade. The improvement in heat distribution and decreased heating costs are well-worth the cost to replace your current system.  

Give your heating system a little something extra.

Limit the sediment that can accumulate in the boiler and that might be impacting the performance of your system. Consider adding a little something extra to the system in the form of an additive that will optimize performance and decrease corrosion in your system's pipes. Some system manufacturers offer additives that may extend the life of your heating system and equipment, too.

Make an appointment to get clean.

Annual cleanings of your heating system not only help your system run at its peak efficiency, but these yearly check-ups also allow heating professionals to identify any potential areas of concern. This will help you to avoid heating crises that could strike during the coldest seasons when you rely on your heating system the most. Talk with heating professionals about scheduling a system cleaning, which may potentially save money in heating costs over time.  

Invest in a programmable thermostat.

The best way to keep the temperature moderately warm and save money is to leave the thermostat alone. Constantly turning it up and down is neither effective nor efficient. Invest in a programmable thermostat that you can pre-set to turn on and off according to your schedule and lifestyle. These devices provide a steady flow of heat to efficiently keep your home warm without wasting energy.

Take these tips to make your furnace as efficient as it can be, while making your home warm and toasty. Talk with heating experts to schedule cleanings or repairs and to inquire about additives that will be safe for your particular system. Consider implementing devices that can help monitor your home's heat such as programmable thermostats, which may help to keep your heating costs down this winter.

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3 June 2016

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