Is Your Air Conditioner's Evaporator Coil Causing Warm Air?


If your home's air conditioner is struggling to create cool air even after the unit has been turned on for a while, the problem could be with its evaporator coil. If you are unfamiliar with this crucial part of your air conditioner, here are two common questions you may have about it.

Why Does The Evaporator Coil Produce Warm or Cold Air?

Since the coil is responsible for making the air in the HVAC system cool, it's an incredibly important part that must always be in working condition. Its job is to turn coolant in the unit to a gas form, which then cools down the coil. When warm air passes over this coil, it becomes chilled before passing through all the vents in your home.

If there is dirt that has accumulated on the coil, it can cause the air conditioner unit to have a problem producing cool air. This is because the dirt will essentially become an insulator to the coil. Instead of warm air touching the cold coil when it passes through your HVAC system, it touches the dirt. The problem won't clear up on its own, and will persist until you are able to have a professional come to your home to have the coil cleaned.

How Is The Evaporator Coil Inspected and Repaired?

An HVAC professional has experience working with all types of units. They'll be able to easily access the inside, locate the coil, and inspect it for problems. They will also look for damage that has been caused to the evaporator coil to fail prematurely. For example, a crack in a coil will prevent coolant from passing through the system, and could be the reason that the coil is not as cold as it could be.

A dirty evaporator coil will be cleaned, which should fix the problem with warm air not being able to touch the cool coil. Sometimes a cracked evaporator coil can be repaired, but it may need replacement depending on how bad the damage is. If it is determined that the problem is not with the evaporator coil or a coolant leak, a professional will start looking other places. This could include a faulty heat pump that is not removing enough warm air from your home. That is why it is so important to have your air conditioner looked at by a professional when it is not working properly. While a problem with an evaporator coil may be the problem, they have the knowledge to troubleshoot the problem further.

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12 February 2016

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