How To Install A Ductless Air Conditioner


Ductless air conditioners aren't new technology, but they've only been gaining popularity in recent years. The main reason for their rise is that they provide zoned cooling so that you can save energy by only cooling parts of your house at a time instead of running a central air conditioner to cool the entire home. Another reason they are popular is that homeowners with a do-it-yourself mentality can install them on their own. Here's how.

1. Select Your Zones

Ductless air conditioners use a zone system where each room or small groups of rooms is connected to a nearby outdoor condenser unit. The more zones you use, the higher your initial cost will be but the more interior temperature control you have.

If you don't do individual rooms, group rooms with similar characteristics together like east- or west-facing windows or upstairs bedrooms.

2. Lay the Foundation

Each outdoor unit needs a clear space and a concrete slab to rest on. This should be placed near the wall of the room the outdoor unit will be tied to, but be sure to leave room on all sides for maintenance and other access.

Concrete mix is readily available in local home improvement stores. Once the concrete dries, simply place the outdoor unit on the center of the slab.

3. Create a Connection

You will need to drill a small hole through each wall where the outdoor and indoor units will be connected. It needs to be big enough to fit the tubes that came with your ductless air conditioner.

Typically, you would drill the hole large enough to fit a PVC pipe, run the tubes through the pipe, and then seal the pipe once your installation is complete.

4. Hang the Interior Unit

There are several options for inside units, including ones that hang on the wall and ones that run along your floorboard. The installation isn't much more difficult than hanging a flat screen TV, and an installation kit will be provided.

You will need to hang the unit along the exterior wall to provide easy access to the outdoor unit, and closer to the center of the room is best for good air circulation. Keep in mind that you should not try to hide the unit behind furniture or the air flow will be blocked.

To purchase a ductless air conditioner or to get expert installation assistance, contact a local air conditioning contractor like John Legg's Heating & Air Conditioning today.


2 February 2016

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