How To Save Money With A Heater In Winter


Dealing with cold winters can be irritating enough on its own, but trying to figure out how your utilities are so high can be even more frustrating. Where does all that money go?

To help you out with rising utility costs, here are some tips for reducing your heating costs in the winter:

Change to a More Efficient Heater

One of your first options is to simply change to a different and more efficient heater. This doesn't always work, since you might already have a very efficient heater. If you have an older unit, though, then you may have a lot to gain.

Modern units use less power and produce the same output, which ultimately means that your utility bills will go down but your home will stay warm. Additionally, by buying a new heater, you are getting a fresh start. You won't need to deal with the frustrations of old filters, dust buildups, and general wear and tear.

Check Your Insulation and Seals

However, your problem might have nothing to do with your heater and everything to do with your house. Your insulation might simply be worn down, which means that you want to take a look at potentially problematic areas of your house. Check to see if certain areas feel colder than the rest of the house, since this should give you some insight into where to look.

Door and windows can actually warp a bit over time, which means that they don't fit in their frames quite as well. This ultimately allows air to pass in and out of your home, stealing some of your precious heat. By resizing your frame or replacing your doors/windows, you can help your home retain heat much better.

Open Up Those Blinds

You might also be surprised to learn that you can dramatically heat up your house just by opening up some blinds. Light naturally carries a good deal of heat with it, which is how the idea of solar power works. By opening blinds in your home, you are allowing a lot of that light and heat to enter your home.

This is quite effective in snowy winters, where a large portion of light can actually reflect off of the snow. This reflection can bounce a lot of light into your home, creating some nice extra heat during the day. While this may not have a huge impact on you heating bills, every little bit helps.

Contact a furnace repair company for more help.


28 January 2016

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