When Heating Efficiency Is Not Your Friend


Heating systems are not a self-contained, impervious, never-needs-maintenance unit. Instead, they are subject to the laws of time and entropy, just like everything else on this planet. Thus, if you want to keep your heating system functioning properly, you need to inspect its key components regularly and make repairs as necessary. Keep reading to find out what components to check, what to look for, and what to do to fix any problems you find. 

The Ducts

One of the first places that you should check is your duct system. The hot air that your furnace forces into the ductwork will exert outward pressure on the ducts. This pressure strains the joints and seams in the ductwork. This may not be much of a problem by itself. However, your ducts are constantly expanding as they warm up as the hot air from your furnace flows through them and then cool down when the ambient temperature falls. This movement can cause the seals on the joints and seams to fail. 

To inspect exposed ducts, you simply run a stick of incense over the ducts. Mark any place where air leaving the ducts disturbs the smoke created by the burning incense with a marker. Once you have covered the whole section of ducts, you can seal the leaks you have found with duct mastic. Simply paint a thick patch of mastic onto the leaks to make a repair.


While every furnace owner should know to change the filter, knowing when to do it and which filter to use can be confusing. As far as changing your filter goes, you should inspect your filter every couple of weeks and then change it when dust blocks the holes in the furnace mesh. You should not use a high-efficiency furnace since it will have smaller openings that can clog easier, leading to drops in furnace efficiency and an increase in cost due to the increased frequency of replacing furnaces. 

As for the more complicated components of your furnace, you need to leave them to experienced furnace technicians. If you can keep on top of your ducts and filters, you can reduce the wear and tear on your furnace, which will decrease the need for costly repairs. While it should be routine enough to remember to change your filter, ducts are easier to forget. Be vigilant so that you can enjoy a healthy heating system for years to come. And contact professionals like R & B Heating & Air Conditioning for any repairs.


23 January 2016

furnace repairs - do it yourself?

Can furnace repairs be made by the average DIYer? If you know a little about what you are doing, is it possible to avoid the expense of having a professional come out to take care of any problems that you are having? My blog is all about furnace safety and repair. You will learn a few things that you can do on your own and advice for when to call in the professional repair technician to assist with the repairs. By the time you reach the end, you will have a better understanding of what you can and should not do on your own.